Educational Resources

    • The Outdoor Safety Health Guide is a great way to enjoy the outdoors safely!
    • Water Trails for Connecting Communities with River,” presentation at River Rally, Grand Rapids, MI, May 8-11, 2017. Download pdf
    • River In A Box – A hydrology and hazards interactive teaching tool by Tom Lindblade – download pdf
    • National Parks Guide to Paddling Rock River Trail2nd Annual Essential Guide to Paddling the Parks includes safe boating tips from the National Safe Boating Council as well as a rundown on the 18 trails in the National Water Trails System. (The Rock River Trail is included in this list of 18 trails, on page 52.) National Parks Conservation Association staff provide an overview of the fun that can be had paddling in the parks, as well as the work being done to keep park waters healthy.  Click to read guide.