Wisconsin Legislature designates Rock River Trail Scenic and Historic Route – April 22, 2013

Good news!

Early this afternoon the Wisconsin State Senate and Assembly were in session and each passed unanimously its companion bill (SB 41 or AB 55) to designate the Rock River Trail Scenic and Historic Route in Wisconsin.

The bill now goes to Governor Walker for his signature, at which time the bill will become law.

In Wisconsin, we chose to create a bill to establish the road route rather than via resolution, as is being done in Illinois. As you may know, a bill is a more formalized legislative product that creates a new section of the statutes, in our case Section 84.10225. So, after the bill is signed by the governor, the Rock River Trail Scenic and Historic Route will actually be codified in the Wisconsin Statutes!

The recommended legislative method in Illinois is a resolution, which while not legally binding does provide a sound basis for action and collaboration by RRTI with state agencies and local communities to establish and maintain the road route.

So, we are well covered in both states and can look forward to final action once the Wisconsin governor signs this bill and the Illinois House passes House Joint Resolution 0008 with concurrence by the Illinois Senate.

Below is a photograph of the Wisconsin Senate Chamber taken just before the session was called to order – a very lovely and impressive structure – and a photograph with Wisconsin Representative John Jagler (Watertown – 37th District) outside the Assembly Chamber following the successful floor vote on AB 55. Rep. Jagler is the lead Assembly sponsor of the bill.

Fun and interesting to experience representative democracy in action (on a non-controversial bill)!!!

Greg Farnham

Wisconsin Senate Chamber

Wisconsin Senate Chamber

Representative John Jagler and Greg Farnham

Wisconsin Representative John Jagler (Watertown – 37th District) and Greg Farnam