Trail Badges

Welcome to the Rock River Trail Badges page!

Here’s where you can earn badges for Paddling, Hiking, Biking and Volunteering on the Rock River Trail! 

  • Want to do the whole trail? Great! This is where you’ll have the chance to track your progress.
  • Can I just do parts of the trail? Yes, that’s great, too! Our badges will show your adventures on the trail.
  • How do I claim a badge? You just click on that badge and “self-register”. We trust you!
  • How do I get started? You will need to register as a user on our website to participate and earn badges, points and fame! Register now!
  • How do I see the badges that I’ve earned? Visit the “My Badges” page to see them
  • How do I tell people about the badges I’ve earned? Want to tell your friends about your adventures on the Rock River Trail? Our badge program integrates with a fun and safe program called Credly. Your Credly account will keep track of all your achievements on the trail and share them on your social networks. It’s fun and offers you a chance to do a little bragging!

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Below are a list of all available badges.

If the badge is greyed out, then these are badges you can earn yet. If they are in full color, then you’ve already earned them! Get started on your Rock River Trail Adventures!

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