Monarch Butterfly

Save the Monarch

Over the last 20 years, 90 percent of monarch butterflies in North America have died off.[1]

And we know the reason: massive amounts of Monsanto herbicides killing off milkweed — the only plant on which monarchs will lay their eggs, and the primary food source for monarch caterpillars.[2]

We can save the monarch butterfly in North America, but it’s going to take the leadership of the Obama administration and the cooperation of big agribusinesses — neither of which is likely to happen unless they hear from the public. Will you take action today?

Yes, I’ll email President Obama and urge him to rein in Monsanto’s reckless herbicide use.

Monsanto is such a major player in agriculture that it made nearly $15 billion in sales last year alone.[3] And its practices are wreaking havoc on our environment — especially butterflies.

Monarch butterflies aren’t just beautiful — they play a key ecological role. Like bees, butterflies act as pollinators. Without pollinators, plants can’t grow, including the farm crops we rely on for food.

And just like bees, butterflies are dying by the millions, wiped out by herbicides. Will you help save the monarch butterfly by sending a message right now?

Thanks for making it all possible.

Shelley Vinyard
Environment Illinois Regional Program Director

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