RRT Signs are going up in Illinois!

RRT Bike Oregon Trail West3 Sign.5 06142015 - Small (Custom)IDOT-Dixon has begun installation of road signs to mark the Rock River Trail Scenic and Historic Route in Ogle County.  The initial installation site is on IL Rt 2 at Grand Detour – a beautiful section of the road route.
IDOT-Dixon has also given permission to the city of Oregon to install signs to mark the Rock River Trail Bike Route on IL Rt 2 through the city (4th Street).
Our fellow council member Candice Holbrook of the Oregon Park District took photos of the new sign installations in Grand Detour and Oregon.  Attached are photos of the road sign on IL Rt 2 south to Grand Detour and the bike route signs on IL Rt 2 south in Oregon turning right onto Monroe St, and two signs on Oregon Trail Rd heading west.
We appreciate the cooperation, support and efforts of IDOT and the streets department of Oregon.
Thanks to Kyle Lorenz, Paul Loete and Dan Long of IDOT and to Mike Bowers of Oregon.
And thanks to Candice!
RRT SHR Grand Detour Rt2 South Sign 06142015 - small RRT Bike Oregon Rt2 South Sign 06142015 - Small RRT Bike Oregon Trail West Sign.3 06142015 - Small