Rock River Trail Stories: Experience the Scenic Route 2 in Illinois

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Rock River Trail Stories: Experience the Scenic Route 2 in Illinois by Dave Druen

I recently drove from Dixon to Rockford down Route IL 2, and I have to say that I think that route is one of the most scenic drives any where along the Rock River. The road hugs the Rock River closely and curves and winds along with the river, offering great views of the river.

Come along with me on my Rock River road trip…

I started my drive along River Road in Dixon where you can visit the Historic John Deere Museum. Then I drove on to Grand Detour and Oregon where I saw the majestic statue of Chief Blackhawk rise above the cliffs over the Rock River. Then I passed by the Paddle Wheel Boat and Maxxon Restaurant (need to stop there someday!). I say to myself WOW!…beautiful…. it stirs my passions for the outdoors and our trails and recreation. I spend winters away from Illinois, but every year when I come back to the Sterling-Rock Falls area I realize just what we have here as far as trails and recreation! I see the importance and value of it all, not just in recreation, but a rich story of historical heritage and culture along these trails and waters.

I believe that we have a very special destination area, full of recreation and history and I invite you to experience for your self.

dave-druen-daves-outdoor-world-kayak-rentalsThis Rock River Story is from Dave Druen, owner of Dave’s Outdoor World Kayak Rentals. Dave is also a Rock River Trail Initiative Council Member. Dave spends winters somewhere warm, but returns in the spring to help other people experience the Rock River and the Hennepin Canal by kayak and bike.

More About The Rock River Trail Scenic and Historic Route

We invite you to head out on the road for the journey of a lifetime! The Rock River offers a widely changing landscape through it’s 320 miles. Kickstands up, or tops down, pick your wheels of choice and head out to explore the 11 counties and 37 charming river communities along the way! Each region has it’s own character, history and special features for you to discover. Do it all at once, or pick sections to do over a perion of time, it’s all up to you!  We even have a 320 mile award for those who do the whole 320 miles of the Rock River Trail!

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Dixon to Rockford on scenic Route 2