Patch Birding Along The Rock River Trail

patch birding

Patch Birding or Yard Birding is a fun way to watch and keep track of all the birds in a specific areas.

Patch Birding or Yard Birding is a way to list all of the bird species you have seen from a very specific, small site, like your yard or a specific patch of woods or a park near you. A patch can be as big as a forest or as small as a grove of trees on your street. The idea is that the location is relatively small and can be birded from a stationary point, like a porch or window, or with minimal walking. It helps to have binoculars (starting at about $20), get a good bird identification book or use these apps to help ID birds.

Ashton McFall, a Carroll University biology major, has been doing a project for a class at Nature At The Confluence. during her spring break. She’s been going out on the Rock River Birding Trail they are developing to see what species can be found there. We’ll post a report soon of what she saw.

You’ll find outstanding places to view birds as the Rock River winds its way through 11 counties in Wisconsin and Illinois. We’ve created the Rock River Birding Trail map to enable birders and others to discover the best places to observe birds.  The Rock River corridor boasts vast wildlife refuges, state forests, and parks that provide the habitat and food sources birds depend on. During the spring and fall migration, millions of birds, from tiny warblers to giant white pelicans, make their way along the Rock River flyway. NOTE: As of 3/16/20 some parks may be closed due to Corona virus, check before you go. 

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