Nature at the Confluence – South Beloit, Winnebago County, Illinois

Nature at The Confluence is an initiative to transform the area of land where Turtle Creek meets the Rock River into a community space that celebrates the natural and historical  signifigance of the land. Located at mile marker 165 1/2 on the Rock River Trail, this land has been used and explored by humans for more than 13,000 years. Ancient hunters, native American mound-builders, French fur traders and today’s river explorers have all traversed the waters and lands of this area. This history of the space along the banks of the Turtle Creek and Rock River make the Confluence an appropriate site to tell a very important story about urban ecology. It has the potentional to serve as a wonderful outdoor recreation and adventures for area families and students. As of February 2015, this project is in the active planning stages.

Nature at the Confluence Website

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