Nature At The Confluence Center to open in June 2016 along the Rock River in South Beloit

Nature At the Confluence Center South Beloit Illinois Beloit 2020 Turtle Creek Rock River (2) (Custom)“Nature at The Confluence” is an initiative to transform the area of land where Turtle Creek meets the Rock River into a community space that celebrates the natural and historical  signifigance of the land.

Beloit 2020, to coordination organizations has announced that funding has been secured to begin transforming the former Dahlman Muffler shop into Nature At the Confluence Center, a beautiful new community asset at 306 Dickop Street in South Beloit, IL.

Click here to visit Nature At The Confluence Website to learn more about this project.

Work will begin this winter and the grand opening will be celebrated with “Meet Me At The Confluence 2016” event June 17-19, 2016.

Nature At the Confluence Center will be available to area organizations for programs or events starting in late June. Please contact program coordinator Therese Oldenburg, for details.

Partners in this initiative include Beloit 2020, City of South Beloit, City of Beloit, Be Active Outdoors, South Beloit Public Libary and other community groups and organizations. All are welcome to become involved in this initiative.

Located halfway along the newly designated national Rock River Trail, this land has been used and explored by humans for more than 13,000 years. Ancient hunters, native American mound-builders, French fur traders and today’s river explorers have all traversed the waters and lands of this area. This history of the space along the banks of the Turtle Creek and Rock River make the Confluence an appropriate site to tell a very important story about urban ecology. It has the potentional to serve as a wonderful outdoor recreation and adventures for area families and students.

Examples of the type of progamming envisioned at NATC with partner organizations

  • Monarch Waystation & Habitat Development
  • Safe Paddling Program
  • Paddle Tours
  • Student Scientists & STEM programming
  • River Watch Citizen Science Program
  • Forest Therapy Guided Walks
  • Yoga at the Confluence
  • Community Organic Learning Garden
  • Prairie Restoration Project
  • Rock River Trail Visitor Center
  • Tales from the Rails
  • Boy Scout and Girl Scout Badge Programming
  • Homeschool Programming
  • Take  Part of these Nation and Regional Programs and Events
  • Great Backyard Bird Count
  • Earth Day
  • Rock River Clean Sweep
  • National Get Outdoors Day
  • Native American Indian Month
  • Let’s G.O.! (Get Outside)
  • Great Backyard Bird Count

To learn more about Nature At the Confluence project please download Executive Summary of NATC
Nature At the Confluence Center South Beloit Illinois Beloit 2020 Turtle Creek Rock River (3) (Custom) Nature At the Confluence Center South Beloit Illinois Beloit 2020 Turtle Creek Rock River (1) (Custom)