Green Valley Ecological Restoration and Landscape Project- Rock Island County, Illinois by River Action

Green Valley Restoration:

Building on Phase 1 efforts, funds from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Alcoa Foundation, Mississippi Valley Sportsmen, the Moline Foundation, and Black Hawk College have made it possible to continue ecological restoration at Green Valley, a 250 acre nature preserve located on the Rock River in Moline, IL.  Partnering with the City of Moline, Black Hawk College, Augustana College, and the US Fish and Wildlife Service, River Action has begun efforts to restore 5 acres of pothole wetlands, 10 acre mesic/wet prairie, and remove invasive species on 110 acres consisting largely of a mix of reed canary grass dominated mesic meadows and maple dominated floodplain forest.  In addition, efforts will include the rerouting of a channelized tributary of the Rock River and the creation of 7,000 feet of interpretive trails.

green valley wetland creation