First 320-mile award for paddlers for 2018

Perry Folts, Terry Meyers, Gary Meier from Beloit, WI completed the Rock River Trail in July 2018.

Beloit, WI – Friday, July 13 – After 7 days on the Rock River in Wisconsin, Gary Meier, Terry Meyers and Perry Folts of Beloit, Wisconsin will arrive in Beloit, Friday, July 13, at approximately 4:00 p.m. at The Rock Bar and Grill, 101 Maple Avenue, completing their 320-mile Rock River Trail adventure. After completing the Illinois portion of the Rock River Trail in June 2017 with a 160 mile kayak  journey to the Mississippi River in Rock Island, Illinois, the men wanted to complete their journey on this National Water Trail. They departed on Saturday, July 7 from Theresa, Wisconsin and embarked on another 160 mile journey that took 7 days with overnight camping stops along the river. Upon arriving in Beloit, they will be greeted by a representative of the Rock River Trail Initiative who will present them with the Rock River Trail 320-Mile Award patch.

The Rock River Trail begins in headwaters above Horicon Marsh in Wisconsin and ends where the Rock River flows into the Mississippi River at Rock Island, Illinois.  The Rock River Trail crosses through two states (Wisconsin and Illinois) and travels through 11 counties and encompasses 41 communities.

The Rock River Trail Initiative was established eight years ago to create a system of recreational trails encompassing the Rock River in Wisconsin and Illinois.  Today the Rock River Water Trail is recognized as a National Water Trail by the National Park Service.  But, it’s much more than a water trail and offers many ways to experience and discover the Rock River and its river communities.  The Rock River Trail offers a scenic and historic road route for touring the river corridor by car or motorcycle. Also available are designated routes for biking, hiking and horseback riding, and an air route that links the ten airports along the river in both states.  Recent additions to the trail include an online map of historic sites, a brochure titled The Art Route of the Rock River Trail, and the Rock River Chocolate Trail offers a delicious way to enjoy the trail.

To encourage exploration along the trail, the Rock River Trail Initiative has established a 320-Mile Award for those individuals who reach the goal of doing the whole 320 miles of the Rock River Trail, whether it’s hiking, biking, paddling or driving. The miles can be accumulated over any period of time, and can be broken up in any segments.  Participants keep their own records and self-report their accomplishment to receive their award patch.