Black Hawk’s View Of History | Featuring Brian Fox Ellis | Time Traveler Series

Black Hawk’s View Of History | Featuring Brian Fox Ellis | Time Traveler Series

November 7, 2021 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Nature at the Confluence
306 Dickop St
South Beloit, IL 61080
Therese Oldenburg


This program is presented in honor of National Native American Heritage Month.

This is a program Of Our “Time Traveler Series” which is supported by a grant from the Greater Beloit Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors.  Brian’s performance is brought to the community through the Illinois Road Scholar program.

  • This is a free program for all ages.
  • Registration is required as seating is limited. Register below. 
  • This program will be held indoors.

Program Details: Imagine sitting around a campfire with Ma-ka-tai-me-she-kiuk-kiuk, Black Hawk, listening to the stories of creation and the legends of his grandfathers. Storyteller and historian Brian “Fox” Ellis begins the program with his family’s connection to the Trail of Tears and the forced removal of the Cherokee Nation from their ancestral homeland. Using this personal history and a deep knowledge of Native American history this intimate story builds a bridge, bringing the audience on a journey back into those dark days of American History with both humor and real insight, drawing strength from the resilience of the people. The audience is then lead down the path through time to an encounter with Black Hawk’s Band on the eve of the battle. Two-thirds of the show is drawn directly from Black Hawk’s Autobiography. Weaving true history with folklore to create a tapestry of symbolic language he draws the audience into the world view of this respected leader of his people.

There are traditional chants and drumming songs, including a chance for the audience to participate in a few social dances, celebrate the First Nations of Illinois, and see the world through Native eyes.

About the presenter: Brian “Fox” Ellis is  of Cherokee descent and has performed at Powwows and native gatherings across the country. Fox has created more than a dozen one man shows. He is an internationally renowned storyteller, author and naturalist. Fox is a frequent speaker on the modern Chautauqua circuit. Fox is also a museum consultant who has worked with The Field Museum and The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library. Fox is the author of more than twenty books including the critically acclaimed Learning From the Land: Teaching Ecology Through Stories and Activities, (Libraries Unlimited, 1997/2011), and a series of biographies based on his one-man shows, History in Person (Fox Tales International 2020).


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Registration is required as seating is limited. Register below. 

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