Editorial: New logo and U.S. path for Rock River Trail

Editorial: New logo and U.S. path for Rock River Trail

By Frank Schier
Editor & Publisher

The April 16 conference on creating the Rock River Trail was the first time in history all 10 counties on the river had gathered, and more history may be in the making.

Scott Lewandowski, Memorial Hall manager and trail committee member, contacted the National Park Service about a logo design that was chosen as the winner in the logo contest. The logo was designed by Jordan Hall on the staff of The Rock River Times, and she said she has based the outline on the trail logos for the Appalachian and Potomac Heritage trails. Lewandowski was tasked with finding out if the logo shape was copyrighted or not. When he spoke with the Park Service’s Steve Elkinton, he discovered it was not; and in fact, Elkinton became very enthusiastic.

“I spoke to Mr. Elkinton with the Nation Park Service,” Lewandowski said. “He was very excited about the prospect of a new trail in Illinois that could be added to National Park Service’s trail system. He said the Rock River Trail would be the only other national trail in Illinois besides a loop of the Ice Age Trail. As it evolves, the Rock River Trial would add a new element to Illinois and Wisconsin and could be classified as a national scenic, recreational or historic trail, depending on its final form. Each trail type has its own requirements and application that will be explored.

As both her employer and founder of the trail, I have to say I’m very proud of Jordan Hall for her fine creative work that considered the national possibility. That was insight, including our river heron, and foresight combined. She modified the original design, according to a suggestion from Rich Brooks, Outreach Program Manager for Professional Development & Applied Studies at UW-Madison. Brooks gave the afternoon Buy Local workshop at the trail conference. I came up with the color changes, and Jordan did a great job on producing the final logo.

Be sure to go the Web site www.rockrivertrail.com to see the slide show and first modern maps of the Rock River, another historical achievement.

Also, watch the Web site and these pages for more about the Buy Local movement, about which a major announcement will be made at the Winnebago County Green Business Awards Oct. 7, at the Rockford Park District’s Webbs Norman Center.

Speaking of buying local, also watch for information about The 3/50 project (www.the350project.net/home.html) and The Rock River Trail Micro Hydro Generator System Design Challenge and Contest.

From the May 12-18, 2010 issue of The Rock River Times