Ancient Aztalan : History Along The Rock River Trail

Find History Along The Rock River Trail!

The Rock River is rich in history and there is no better place to learn about the ancient peoples that lived here than at Aztalan in Jefferson County, WI. Situated on the Crawfish River, a tributary of the Rock River, Aztalan is one of the most significant archaeological sites in the Midwest.

It was occupied by a group of Late Woodland and Mississippian Indians from about A.D. 1000 to A.D. 1250. The site was a village farming community connected to the ancient city of Cahokia in southern Illinois, home to the most complex pre-Columbian society in North America.

On the day I visited, students of the 2019 UWM Archaeological Field School were busy searching for artifacts.

►The Friends of Aztalan State Park offer free public tours every Sunday, June-Sept at 2:00pm (state park fees apply)
►Or you can do your own guided tour using the interpretive signs along a trail or at this link:
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