87 Year Old Veteran Attempting to Be First To Walk Rock River Trail

Lyle Lidholm is an 87 year old (yes, 87!) Korean War veteran who is currently walking to attempt completing 320 miles of the Rock River Trail!  He started in Theresa, WI on September 1 and as of September 29 he has walked over 170 miles. He walks about 6 miles a day, and passed through Nature At The Confluence on September 28, which is the visitor center for the Rock River Trail on the state line. Now he’s walking in Illinois and is working his way toward the Quad Cities. When he completes his journey he’ll be the first to walk the entire length of the Rock River Trail.

Lyle is a really fascinating person who has walked the Appalachian Trail and the Ice Age Trail. He’s a talented barn builder who helped to build Old World Wisconsin and is from Watertown, WI. 

Lidholm says his mission is to not only explore the scenic surroundings of the Rock River, but to promote the trail that is attracting hikers, bicyclists, paddlers and motorists.

As quoted in a feature article the Wisconsin State Journal wrote about his journey,  “When I read about this several years ago, I thought, ‘Wow, a trail, all the way to my hometown, Moline,’” Lidholm said. “I’m not getting any younger so I figured September and October would be nice. I’m kind of calling it my going-home hike.”

In a Janesville Gazette article Lyle said he hopes he will motivate others to walk on the good earth and enjoy the miracles of the day. “I feel good when I walk,” Lidholm said. “I walk a couple of miles every day at home, usually at dusk when everything quiets down and I can see the sunset.”

Lyle enjoying a “drive by” delivery of a warm apple cider donut from Apple Hut in Beloit. He called it “trail magic”!

Trail Angels Needed!

Lyle has been getting assistance moving his vehicle each day and he will need more “Trail Angels” to help him along his journey in Illinois.  If you are interested in helping Lyle out in Illinois, please email info@rockrivertrail.com or call Rock River Trail coordinator Therese Oldenburg, 608-931-6895.

Read this great article about Lyle that was in the Wisconsin State Journal on Sunday, September 29 by Barry Adams.

Janesville Gazette article by Anna Marie Lux